12 Horrifying Pictures of Celebrities Without Eyebrows


1. Nicholas Cage 

nicholas cage no eyebrows

(source Imgur)

2. Natalie Portman

natalie portman no eyebrows

(source movdata)

3. Katy Perry


(source thebrighterwriter)

4. Justin Beiber

justin beiber no eyebrows

(source hypertrending)

5. John Travolta 

john travolta no eyebrows

(source quoteimg)

Still not as creepy as John Travolta here and here.

6. James Franco

james franco no eyebrows

(source weknowmemes)

7. Drakedrake no eyebrows

(source genius)

8. Catherine Zeta-Jonescatherine zeta jones no eyebrows

(source salondshayn)

9. Anne Hathaway


She looks like Golum

(source espressogossip)

10. Angelina Jolieangelina jolie no eyebrows

(source uproxx)

11. Chris Brown

Chris Brown

(source izismile)

12.  Taylor Lautner

celebrities-without-eyebrows taylor lautner

(source hypertrending)


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