25 Of The Funniest Examples of Engrish Ever!


1. Uh, no thanks…

eng1(source reddit)

2. Driver a good underservant

eng2(source reddit)


3. Gospel fat sister Oh!

eng3(source reddit)

4. We offer ultimate happy prince

eng4(source reddit)


5. F*** vegetables

eng5(source reddit)

6. Keep breathe freely and dry

eng6(source reddit)


7. Biggesy mammal

eng8(source reddit)


eng9(source reddit)


9. Flane Interest

eng91(source reddit)

10. Appertizers

eng10(source reddit)


11. Cook an Asian driver

eng11(source reddit)

12. Keep heatiness away

eng12(source reddit)


13. Touch me I’m sick

eng13(source reddit)

14. Chinese glonous history

eng14(source reddit)


15. For horesehold use

eng15(source reddit)

16.  Explosive dog

eng26(source reddit)

17. Clab

eng17(source reddit)


18. Device To derive deliciousness

eng18(source reddit)

19. In Case of Fire do Not Use The Life

eng19(source reddit)


20. Up or bown

eng20(source reddit)

21. Certifical of Approval

eng21(source reddit)


22. Smallpox?

eng22(source reddit)

23. One clear beauty satiety face will grow up

eng23(source reddit)


24.¬†Ah, it’s like poetry

eng24(source reddit)

25. It is pretty lame

eng25(source reddit)


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