5 Private Islands You Could Own For Less Than A Million

1. Tahifehifa Island | Tonga, South Pacific




Tahifehifa Island is located in the Vava’u island group of Tonga, 15km south of the town of Neiafu. It has one of the best white sand beaches in the area and a coral reef making it ideal for snorkelling. The island is zoned for commercial residential so it could easily be developed into an eco-resort. For the bargain price of $370,205USD why wait?


2. Ambergris Cay | Turks & Caicos 

ambergris cay(source)


Ambergris Cay is a developed and award-winning white sand jewel in the Caribbean featuring the largest private jet runway in the region. With the infrastructure already built, you could just fly in (on your private jet) and enjoy for $525,000USD.


3. Isla Alhambra | Bahia, Brazil



Isla Alhambra is tucked away in the Bahia coastal zone of Brazil, north of Rio de Janeiro. It features lush rainforest, white sand beaches, and pineapple trees. At over 9.00 Acres / 3.64 HA it really is a bargain at $247,629USD.


4. Plitvice Island | Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia



The Plitivce Lakes are located in the oldest national park in Southeastern Europe. They have gained increased attention in recent years as Croatia has grown in prominence as a tourist hotspot. The Plitvice Island is undoubtedly a wise investment as tourism to the area will only grow. At  3.30 Acres / 1.34 HA it can all be yours for $433,351USD.


5. Lark Caye | Belize



Lark Caye is located a 15 minute boat ride from the village of Placencia, off the coast of Belize. It is ideally located for a private island getaway, a boutique resort, or a restaurant catering to all the tourists boating by. All 2.20 Acres / 0.89 HA can be yours for only $175,000USD.


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