10 Striking Before And After Pictures

1. B&A a year of walking across China

before after walking across china(source)

2. B&A the Ukrainian conflict in Kiev

ukraine before after(source)


3.B&A Dermablend concealing makeup

before and after dermablend tattoo concealer(source)

4. B&A cancer

before and after cancer(source)


5. Before, during, and after the war in Afghanistan

before after war


6. Dubai B&A

dubai before

Dubai 1990s


dubai after

Dubai 2003



7.  B&A jaw surgery

before after jaw surgery


 8. B&A Machu Picchu 

before and after macchu picchu

Machu Picchu in 1915


before after macchu picchu after

Machu Picchu today


9. B&A fitness



10. B&A 1930’s photoshop



B&A “squats”

before and after kim kardashian



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